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Visit us in person!

The Chorus holds rehearsals almost every Tuesday night from 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm in person.

We welcome guests at every rehearsal to either watch and enjoy or jump up on the risers. We prepare guest books to be used and a few other surprises for first-timers.

Come out and join us!

For a calendar of rehearsals, please click here.


We Do Our Best To Make It Simple to Join Music City Chorus...

Option 1: In-Resident Singers (Full-Time Membership)


Step 1: Visit A Rehearsal

The Music City Chorus is more than just a men's chorus, it is a family. We love getting together each week to enjoy friendships as well as great music. Come and discover why "It's Great To Be A Nashville Barbershopper!" Consider this your official invitation to visit us! 

Sitting in on one of our rehearsals is the perfect way to find out more about us, and what we can do for you. Guests are always welcome at our rehearsals, whether or not you plan to join. We rehearse every Tuesday night from 7:00 - 10:00 P.M. You'll have the opportunity to hear us perform four-part, a cappella harmony, and you'll be invited to join us on the risers to experience the music, friendship, and fun for which the Music City Chorus is known!

Step 2: Audition

Once you have your first rehearsal visit in the books, you're already one-third of the way to meeting one of the requirements for membership. You may audition on or after your third rehearsal visit.

We use a straightforward, two-part audition process. The vocal audition asks you to sing your respective part (Bass/Baritone/Lead/Tenor) to "I'd Love To Live In Loveland" in a quartet with members of our Music Team. Links to the sheet music and learning tracks are provided below. The visual audition involves working on some basic choreography moves with one of our visual coaches. In many cases, the Music Team may ask you to re-audition after working on the song a little more.

The links below enable you to download the sheet music and learning track for your part. The named parts are predominant in the left audio channel to help you focus on the part you're learning. We'd love to have you join our family!

Sheet Music: I'd Love To Live In Loveland

Learning Tracks (Audio)
Tenor Predominant Lead Predominant  Baritone Predominant Bass Predominant
Tenor Missing Lead Missing (Coming Soon) Baritone Missing Bass Missing


Option 2.) Satellite Singers (Remote Membership)

Satellite Singers and members are those who may not live in the Greater Nashville, TN area and may not be able to commute to our rehearsals in person. However, they are still interested in singing with the Music City Chorus and joining the Nashville, TN Chapter. 

There are a few things you should know:

  • Audition Process: Satellite Singers will be given a piece of music with an expectation to submit a recording of it, or audition in person, within one month of receiving it.
  • Membership with the Chapter: All Satellite Singers are expected to be members of the Music City Chorus, this includes membership with the Nashville, TN chapter, Southeastern Harmony District District, and the Barbershop Harmony Society.
  • Availability Planning: Satellite Singers are expected to share their availability for our performances, and update their planned attendance on their account on
  • Rehearsal Retreat Availability: Satellite Singers are expected to attend our annual retreats. These dates are chosen far in advance, and help all members build and contribute to our sound and culture.
  • Communication: Music City Chorus uses Slack as its primary communication channel. Satellite Singers are expected to keep connected to hear all updates, as well as changes to the music.
  • Zoom Rehearsal Attendance: We understand that our Satellite singers may have other obligations on our weekly Tuesday rehearsal nights. Zoom attendance is highly encouraged.
  • Music Preparation: Satellite Singers are expected to show up to performances completely memorized, having reviewed rehearsal videos of the chorus to match emotional and dynamic plans to positively contribute to the chorus, not just make it by/blend in. 
  • Community & Culture: Music City Chorus has an amazingly unique culture founded on Passion, Excellence, and Brotherhood. Satellite Singers are full members of this, and are welcomed into our culture with open arms.
  • Flexible Participation: Satellite singers engage with Music City Chorus remotely, accommodating their personal schedules and locations.
  • Vocal Development Program: Like our in-person members, our Satellite Singers are invited to participate in our Vocal Development Program with a 1-on-1 lesson once per semester with our Vocal Development Team.
  • Sheet Music and Learning Tracks: Access to our music learning resources available on our website.
  • Performance Opportunities: Music City Chorus performs at District Contests, International Contests, Holiday Performances, and various other events. All performances will be brought to your attention well in advance for your preparation.

For interest and to apply to be a satellite member, please click here.

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