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Barbershop Harmony + Singing Together = A Better World, Singing!

Over the last 100 years, opportunities to casually sing together has decreased significantly. This evolution has made singing intimidating at best and unappealing at worst. And yet, singing together is more important today than it ever has been - people using their voices to pour out their hearts and souls in harmony is an emblem of what we need most in the world today. So how does singing barbershop harmony support this need specifically?:

  1. Barbershop harmony creates connection, joy, and unity
    • Shared music: No matter where you are in the world, universal tags and songs can be sung together
    • Blending: Barbershop harmony multiplies the power of individual voices when singing together as one
    • Heart forward: Barbershop harmony encourages everyone to express themselves authentically
  2. Barbershop harmony makes singing together attainable and attractive
    • Flexible configuration: Performed by informal quartets to thousands in a mass sing
    • Inclusive: across generations, genders, heritage, faith traditions, economics  
    • Immediate success: Impromptu singing experiences with no requirement to read music creates opportunities for all

The Nashville Chapter of BHS delivers programs focused on the preservation of barbershop harmony as an art form, singing community health, music education, and youth development. These programs produce major outcomes that will support the Middle Tennessee area and fund the needs of the Music City Chorus.

The Music City Chorus approaches and enables singing together as a continuous, enriching lifelong endeavor.

  • We operate programs that excite singers across all generations.
  • We work with diverse voices and unify them into beautiful sounds, from the changing adolescent voice to the aging voice.
  • We have a culture of deep friendships (in addition to musical achievement) that bring people back together even after long hiatuses.
  • We develop a pipeline of singers by working with music educators and their students.

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